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Third, there is some reason to be concerned about the makeup of the FISA court. Of the 11 judges currently serving on the court, ten were initially appointed to the federal bench by Republican presidents. Only one, Judge Mary McLaughlin, was appointed by a Democratic president Bill Clinton.

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moncler outlet Let’s delink 26/11 and Pak’s proposal on Kartarpur: V K Singh IMAGE: Paper artist Gurpreet Singh shows his creation, a paper model of Guru Nanak Dev Ji’s gurudwara (Kartarpur Sahib) in Pakistan, in Amritsar. Photograph: PTI Photo Minister of State for External Affairs V K Singh has called for de linking the Mumbai terror attack and Pakistan’s Kartarpur corridor proposal even as he asserted that there has been no change in the government’s policy that ‘talks and terror cannot go together’. Kartarpur Sahib in Pakistan is located across the river Ravi moncler outlet.

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