Restaurant service, Rahal develops its chain « Medina »

Restaurant service, Rahal develops its chain « Medina »

In parallel to their presence in certain airports of Morocco, the restaurant chain belonging to the group Rahal opened a point in the center of Casablanca and will launch another one in the train station of Casaport. Interview with Karim Rahal, CEO of the group.

A first restaurant has just opened with the promise to launch a restaurant chain in the future. Of what consists the Medina development plan ?

It is indeed the first reopening in town of the new concept of urban Moroccan restaurant service Medina. Launched 15 years ago in Maârif, the brand was developed, afterward, only and exclusively in the airports of Morocco. The group Rahal, the promote of Medina, had chosen to share the flavors of the Moroccan food at first with the travelers of Morocco and the world. After this first phase, where the concept was proved with customers of all the nationalities, Medina reopens today in the downtown of Casablanca(…) In Medina, we eat Moroccan, as in the house of our parents and our grandparents, we eat well, with new and revisited recipes. The Medina suggests three services which are the take away, eating in place or big volume orders.

What is the investment program?

We invested, for the elaboration of the concept-store Medina, more than 5 MDH, in research and development and in conceptualization of the space, the decorations and the working means.
A The stabilization of recipes, the reassurance of supply chains, the formulation of recipes in international and exportable terms, and evidently the food safety and the precision of the production chain and the delivery concentrated in the main part of the investment, in particular in the field of the training.

The Moroccan food is particular, in the sense that it has to keep its authentic being, with 100% natural products. In this investment, it is necessary to include the cost of land tax, the plannification, the equipment, the training, the marketing for every point of sale. For this new opening in boulevard of Anfa, it is necessary to count an investment dedicated by more than 6 million DH.

How many people employs this restaurant chain?

For the small current chain, between points of sale for travelers and the recent opening in Boulevard of Anfa, Medina recruited for about 60 new collaborators.

What profiles?

For points of sale, Medina recruited professionals of cooking and pastry, the head waiters, the agents of counter, and the technicians. At the level of the supervision and of the research and development, they are administrators and specialists of the service restaurant.
Will the menu be limited to the Moroccan food?

Medina is specialized in Moroccan food. That begins by one M, it is Moroccan, it is Mhamar, Mkalli, Mcharmal or Mechoui, and it is Magnificent (laughter). Of course, there are revisited and updated proposals, but the heart of the offer is based around the beautiful and very rich Moroccan food.

What is your price policy?

It is to be discovered ! We have chosen to share the Moroccan food with the maximum of people. We thus opted for an urban price policy, that is rather interesting to welcome guests every day! As an example, the offer of (Tagines) starts from 70 DH.

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