The American giant Del Monte joins the Rahal group

The American giant Del Monte joins the Rahal group

– US agribusiness leader aims to develop a regional market around Morocco
– With the Rahal Group, Del Monte targets three areas of activity in priority: trading, transformation and integration
It’s official: the world leader Del Monte and the Rahal group are a strategic partnership. As a start, three joint ventures are created, each in a particular area of ​​expertise. From Casablanca, the first company will be trading in products of the agri-food, on a regional scale. It will make its entry into the fruit and vegetable market, with volumes worthy of a large central purchasing

The second company will be responsible for managing the processing business, for standardized marketing channels and in compliance with the strict measures of food safety. These products fall into the category called « fourth range »: agricultural products and raw preparations, ready to use. It may be for example salads, raw vegetables (grated carrots …), or peeled vegetables, ready to cook, packaged in a plastic bag, sometimes in a modified atmosphere, and kept refrigerated. The third structure will have the mission to guarantee vertical integration, to act from end to end on the value chain, from the supply to the after-sales service.

This partnership reinforces the Rahal Group’s position as the national leader in the agri-food sector. Agreements signed with Del Monte are also aimed at developing business opportunities around Moroccan specialties. The Rahal Group is looking for growth driven by two-way expertise.

For its part, the American giant Del Monte affirms its interest in Moroccan fruits and vegetables, recognized worldwide for their authentic quality, and expresses its will to develop its market, national and continental, thanks to this partnership with the Rahal Group

Morocco’s agri-food sector presents significant opportunities for foreign investment. Aware of its strong potential, the Rahal Group is continuing its efforts to promote the Moroccan agricultural products in an increasingly demanding global market.

Del Monte is an American leader and a safe bet on the global agri-food market. Indeed, this giant is one of the producers, vertically integrated and specialized in distribution of fresh fruits and vegetables, with key products such as bananas and pineapples. It is also a major producer and distributor of prepared fruits and vegetables, juices, beverages, snacks and desserts in the United States, Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Del Monte sells its products on the market all over the world under the Del Monte brand, synonymous for more than 100 years of quality, freshness and reliability of the product.

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