Fédération des traiteur du maroc

The caterers federetion of Morocco

 » The professional trade of catering is now successful in structuring into a national federation. May the 1st is in fact a symbolic day of labor. It was celebrated under the sign of the caterers union of Morocco. Mohammed Essoulami Rahal, leader of this federation, the from a father to a son inheritor of this trade.

There were some 400 participants to join their clamorous voices for him to take the presidency of the new federation, given his expertise in the field, his leadership and, above all, his humility engraved elsewhere in the group’s DNA Rahal.

Morality: no better federator of their ranks, nor at least a defender of their cause than Mohammed Rahal, known for his professional qualities as well as his moral values and his pragmatism. And it was only time to make some order in the profession that has about 80,000 people on average to reach 200,000 in high season. A true force of striking the art of the Moroccan catering service.

In his roadmap, Mohammed Rahal promised to institute the profession on new paradigms: clean the sector of those who claim to be and who cause more harm to the trade than they serve, in skimping on quality and other things. Supervise, in the rules of the art, the members by training cycles in the specialized training centers, such as the OFPPT, the hotel schools, etc … Accompany the caterers in the different stages of their exercise in a context that guarantees their administrative, social, health and other rights .

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