COP22: Karim Rahal: The gastronomic bet is won !

COP22: Karim Rahal: The gastronomic bet is won !

The holding of COP22 in Morocco have proved to the international community that our country knows how to cultivate excellence at all levels. The national partners of this great event have, in fact, shown a rare talent for know-how, technical, organizational and catering. Group Rahal, the artisan of good culinary works is behind the success of COP22. To succeed in restoring several thousand people from all nations and from all sides is, in fact, not a trivial matter nor a risk-free one.

However, Rahal has been able to justify, as usual, the confidence invested in his skills and know-how. For him, to succeed in the gastronomic part of COP22 is, first of all, a national duty that had to be carried out from beginning to end. Bet won: all guests, even the most meticulous and the most insistent retail, have been satisfied with his services.

How did the Rahal Odyssey take place? Karim Rahal talks about it with passion …

The gastronomy part was one of the highlights of the COP 22, thanks to the exceptional performance of the Rahal group.

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